Free Standing Canopy for your Backyard

Looking for some shade in your yard but don’t want to attach anything directly to your home? Then in such instances, you should consider installing a free-standing canopy. Our freestanding canopies come with sturdy frames and are covered with top-quality Sunbrella fabric.

These structures come with a myriad of benefits. Read on to understand the overwhelming advantages of creating a backyard sunshade.

Creates More Livable Backyard Space

Do you love to entertain outdoors and enjoy great food and drinks with friends? A backyard sunshade is a great way to extend your backyard space and create a perfect getaway. Above All Awnings’ custom, free-standing canopies provide new spaces to relax away from the house.

They also create new spaces to socialize with friends without disrupting the normal activities in your home.

Acts as Sunshade

Long exposure to direct sun rays can be detrimental to your health. Apart, from causing sunburns, it can result in skin conditions up to and including cancer. That’s why if you love relaxing in your backyard you should be considering installing a free standing canopy. They will help you block sun rays and rain while improving the appearance of your backyard space.

A Perfect Gazebo Alternative

Free standing canopies can also serve the same purpose as a Gazebo only without high-maintenance woodwork. Even better, they come in stylish designs, dimensions, colors, and shapes to cater to your personalized needs.

When carefully chosen, a backyard sunshade is better suited to increase your yard’s appeal as compared to a Gazebo. Tell us exactly what you want with your yard and we will help you pick a sunshade customized with beautiful fabric colors and unique shapes to match your needs.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Above All Awning’s free-standing canopies are designed with durable metal frames, covered with Sunbrella fabric. Our professionals will ensure the proper installation and placement of your freestanding canopy.

More importantly, our free standing canopies require little maintenance because of their metal frames and durable Sunbrella fabric. They are customized in dimensions and shapes to suit your preferences and available space in your yard. These features make freestanding canopies useful, visually pleasing, and effortless additions to your space.

Summing it Up

Free-standing canopies are the new trend in creating more livable spaces in your backyard. Apart from shielding you from the elements, they come with all the benefits of transforming your yard into a more beautiful and comfortable space to enjoy.

For more information on free-standing canopies, feel free to contact us.